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High-Hits Frequently Asked Questions

What is a traffic exchange?

A traffic exchange allows you to view other websites in exchange for yours.

Is High Hits free to join?

The High Hits 'free account' is Free. You can have a 'free account' for as long as you wish. Forever if you want to!
To receive higher rewards and benefits you can upgrade to a 'High Pro' account.

What is High Hits?

High Hits is a traffic exchange that generates hits for you by exchanging web site views with other members. If you have a website or webpage that you wish others to see, High Hits is for you

How do I use High Hits?

After you have joined and added your site/s, you can begin surfing by clicking on the 'start surfing' link. Use the surf bar to view others sites. You will receive credits for each site viewed. The credits you receive are then used to display your site to other users.

How do I earn credits?

To earn credits you need to surf sites. The more sites you view the more credits you get.

How can I increase the credits I earn for each site view?

To increase the number of credits you earn per site viewed, you can upgrade to a 'High Pro' account.

Can I buy extra credits?

Yes you can purchase extra credits using the 'buy credits' link on the members page. High Hits offers several credit packages.(If you are a free member you can gain more credits by upgrading)

What do surf ratios mean?

Surf ratios are the rate at which you earn credits. For example, as a free member, if you surf 10 sites you will receive 4 hits to your site. High Hits uses dynamic surf ratios so as you surf more sites the ratio of hits you recieve will increase.

What are dynamic surf ratios?

Dynamic surf ratios enables you to gain an increased surf ratio the more you use the 'High Hits' system. Upgraded members will always receive a higher surf ratio.

How do I get my website shown?

After joining, submit your site and start surfing. The more you surf the more times your site will be displayed. You may choose to upgrade to 'High Pro' to receive the highest surf to hits ratio.

What membership levels do you offer?

High Hits keeps it simple and offers one upgrade level named 'High Pro' that comes with High benefits that will give you increased results and rewards.

What are the benefits of upgrading?

The benefits of a 'High Pro' account include:
* Earn more credits - 10 to 21 per site view
* Earn rewards for each new referral - bonus credits and banner impressions
* Earn 50% commission

Can I earn money with High Hits?

Yes, you can earn money with High Hits. Members earn commission when their direct referrals upgrade or purchase credit packages. The amount starts at 10% for free members increasing to 50% for 'High Pro' accounts.

What kind of sites can I add?

At High Hits we try not to limit the kind of sites that can be added, too much. As long as your site is family friendly, has no more than one pop up, and is mainly in English it will probably be approved. All sites have to be approved by High Hits before being displayed.

How many sites can I add?

As a free member you can add 5 sites. If you wish to add more sites you will need to upgrade to a 'High Pro' account.

Can I have more than one account?

No. As with most traffic exchanges you are only permitted to have one account with High Hits. If a member is found to have more than one account, the accounts will be canceled and they may be banned.

How do I pay?

To pay for upgrades and credit packages you can use Paypal or Alert Pay.

How do I withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw your earning at any time, when they reach $10 or more. The payment will be sent with Paypal or Alert Pay within 5 days of your request.

What are your terms and conditions?

Please use the 'terms' link at the left of this page to view the Terms and conditions.

What is your Privacy policy?

Our Privacy Policy can be viewed by using the 'Privacy' link on the left of the page.

How to delete a site?

To delete a site, you first need to go to the assign credits area and make certain the auto-assign value is set to 0%.
Then go to "my sites" and click on the name (not the url) of the site you want to delete. A page will come up with options to edit or delete the site.

Why is my site on hold?

A site will automatically go on hold if it is left unverified. To take your site off hold you need to click on the site name(not the url) on the 'my sites' page. You can then change your 'hold' status to 'rotating'.

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